Sony lancerer Alpha 9 II

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Det nye Alpha 9 II kombinerer forgængerens hastighed med ny funktionalitet og er skabt specifikt til fagfolk inden for sportsfotografering og fotojournalistik.


Alpha 9 II bygger på de imponerende funktioner fra den originale Alpha 9 med bl.a. kontinuerlig blackout-fri optagelse i op til 20 billeder i sekundet med autofokus og automatisk eksponeringssporing, AF/AE-beregninger 60 gange i sekundet, og samtidig inkluderer det flere funktioner, som professionelle har efterspurgt.

Opdateringerne indebærer væsentlig forbedret forbindelse og fildeling, kontinuerlig optagelse på op til 10 billeder i sekundet med mekanisk lukker, en videreudviklet AF-ydeevne med nye optimerede algoritmer og et ombygget design, der blandt andet forbedrer holdbarhed og funktionsdygtighed.

Den engelske tekst fra Sony går lidt mere i dybden:

“The voice of our customers is absolutely critical to Sony – we are always listening,” said Yann Salmon Legagneur, Director of Product Marketing, Digital Imaging, Sony Europe.“The Alpha 9 II is the direct result of countless feedback sessions with agency, sports and news photographers since the launch of the original Alpha 9. We’ve added connectivity and network capabilities that drastically improve the professional workflow, while also making subtle adjustments to design, interface and processing power that complete the user experience. Complemented by our extremely versatile E-mount system – with 55 native lenses introduced at this point, including the super-telephoto 600mm and 400mm G Master™ series lenses – this new camera is a tool unlike any other for professionals either in the field or on the field.”

Raising the Bar for Built-in Connectivity in the Professional’s Workflow

The Alpha 9 II includes an in-built 1000BASE-T Ethernet terminal, enabling gigabit communication for high-speed, stable data transfer operations.Additionally, File Transfer over SSL or TLS encryption (FTPS) is supported for increased data security and PC remote (tether) shooting performance is improved, with decreased release time lag and reduced live view screen delay when using the ‘Remote Camera Tool’ desktop application. The speed of the camera’s built-in wireless LAN functionality has also been increased, adding a stable and fast 5 GHz (IEEE 802.11ac) band, in addition to the 2.4 GHz provided in the Alpha 9. IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards are all supported.

Designed to improve the speed of news agencies’ workflow, the Alpha 9 II features a new Voice Memo function that allows spoken information to be attached to images in the form of voice memos that can be replayed when the images are reviewed.The voice data can also be included with images sent to an editor, giving them important information needed for effective editing.Alternatively, a field photographer can also use the ‘Transfer & Tagging add-on’ “Imaging Edge™” application to transfer voice tags with the images to their mobile device and have the voice memos automatically converted to text and added to the JPEG images in the form of IPTC metadata.All of this can be done automatically or manually, selectable by the photographer.

By combining wireless voice / image transfer and automatic voice to text conversion with the ability to auto transfer images with attached voice memos via FTP, it is possible to shoot and transfer the results to an FTP server without ever having to operate a smartphone.FTP settings within the app can also be sent to a camera via Bluetooth®, allowing for a faster workflow.

The Platinum Standard for Speed and Auto Focus Performance

The new Alpha 9 II shares the same acclaimed 35mm full-frame stacked 24.2 MP Exmor RS™ CMOS image sensor with integral memory as the original Alpha 9, giving it the same unmatched speed performance and outstanding image quality. The new model can shoot continuously and completely silently at 20 fps for up to 361 JPEG images or 239 compressed RAW images, with no viewfinder blackout, allowing the photographer to follow the subject and action with no interruption to the EVF during picture taking. For times when mechanical shutter is preferred or required, the new Alpha 9 II has been improved to shoot at up to 10 fps, about 2x the speed of the Alpha 9.

The camera is able to function whilst continuously calculating Auto Focus and Auto Exposure at up to 60 times per second, with newly optimised AF algorithms that provide notably enhanced AF precision and performance, ensuring that even the most erratic subject motion, often experienced in sports, is captured with high precision. Also useful for sporting events, the camera now offers an anti-flicker[xiii] shooting mode that automatically detects and adjusts for the presence of fluorescent or artificial lighting to maximise image quality.

The advanced focusing system in the new Alpha 9 II is comprised of 693 focal-plane phase-detection AF points covering approximately 93% of the image area, as well as 425 contrast AF points. This Fast Hybrid Auto Focus system achieves extremely fast and accurate performance, ensuring all fast-moving subjects are accurately captured. Additional notable focusing capabilities include Real-time Eye AF with right eye / left eye selection, Real-time Eye AF for animals – augmented with a new algorithm, Real-Time Eye AF for movie, Real-time Tracking, selectable focus frame colour, Touch Pad focus point control while using the viewfinder and more. AF can continuously track even in continuous shooting is greater than F1, providing further accuracy for shots that require slower shutter speeds.

Vigtigste forbedringer:

  • Ny hurtig og opdateret BIONZ X-processor
  • Forbedret Hybrid autofokus med 693 fasebaserede og 425 kontrastbaserede autofokuspunkter
  • Mekanisk lukker (op til 10 fps) nu med antiflicker
  • Nyt EVF display
  • Længere batterilevetid og opladning via USB-C
  • Ny USB-C 3.2 port
  • Ny lynhurtig 1000BASE-T Ethernet port
  • Forbedret ergonomi med nyt greb og nye knapper
  • Ny Voice memo funktion

Prisen forventes at starte omkring 42.000 kr. incl. moms for et kamerahus, og der er salgsstart i slutningen af oktober.

Eksisterende Alpha 9 ejere kan glæde sig over en firmware opdatering med nye centrale funktioner såsom Eye AF i realtid til dyr, intervaloptagelse og understøttelse af RMT-P1BT.

The Version 6.0 update enables Sony’s AI driven Real-Time Eye AF technology to now detect both animals and human subjects, with an option to select either animal or human Eye AF mode depending on the shooting situation. Time-lapse videos can also be created through use of the Interval Shooting function.

In addition to the new functionality, the update improves the overall stability of the camera and makes it more user-friendly, allowing photographers to assign ‘My Menu’ to appear when first selecting the menu button. It is now also possible to select the Focus Frame Colour allowing users to choose between red, grey or the standard green.

Lastly, the upgrade allows operation with the wireless remote commander RMT-P1BT providing a solution to remote shooting.


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