Lukas Kaminski

Between Black and White

Model. KathyKooo Hasselblad 500cm/Planar 80 / Film Ilford Hp400 /skan Epson v700  

" Pianist "

Mod. LacrimaMosa Hasselblad 500cm/Planar 80mm/film Ilford 80 /Epson V700

" girls "

mod. Ferociouss  mod.AktAga Hasselblad 500cm/Planar 80 /Ilford 400 /Epson v700

" 2 Girls "

mod.Ferociouss mod.AktAga Hasselblad 500cm/Planar 80mm/Ilford HP400 /Epson V700


Mod. Nicol Pentacon six/ Biometar 80mm f2,8 / Film Ilford delta

Nicol on the stone

model. Nicol Pentacon six / Sonnar 180mm f2.8 / Ilford Delta  skan Epson v700


mod. Ferociouss mod.AktAga Hasselblad 500cm / Planar 80mm / Ilford 400 Skan Epson v700

" in my dream "

mod, Ferociouss mod. AktAga Hasselblad 500cm/ Planar 80mm / 

" Butterfly "

mod, Lacima Mosa   

" Girl from the forest "

mod Iza  

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